Tazhong Field Modernized 10-20-2005 15:59

The Tazhong oil field, is located in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, in the center of the Taklamakan Desert -- the so called "The Sea of Death". In just under ten years, the field has become fully modernized and surprisingly automated .

Nearly sixty square kilometers of the Tazhong Oil Field is covered by trees. It's a remarkable achievement, considering the field is located in the middle of the desert.

Vice director of Tazhong oil field production office Li Tingguang said, "In 1994 when we started to build the oil field, there wasn't even grass here. What we saw was all yellow, and also orange, which is the color of our uniforms. We needed to wear respirators, even in the office."

Since 1996, when they started to drill in Tazhong, the annual output has surpassed a million tons of oil each year. That's more than any other oil field in the Tarim desert.

Li Tingguang also said, "The runoff and the pressure of the oil can be controlled in this room, by typing on the keyboard, which is quite automatic. This is one of China's most automatic oil fields on land."

The oil field has only 89 workers, with an average age of thirty. They spend their spare time playing billiards and watching TV. Though life in the oil field can be dull and hard, they're willing to stay.

Editor:Liu Fengming

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