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For many fans of Chinese music, Lo Tayu is a legend who has fulfilled all their expectations in song. Indeed many people refer to him as the "Godfather of Taiwan Music".

Ji Xiaojun, a MBA graduated from Nottingham University, is famous for leading comfortable conversations between celebrated people.

A few days ago, Lo Tayo was in Beijing and Ji Xiaojun met him. They talked about Lo鈥檚 new album as well as his enjoying career as he is one of the most established singing songwriters in the mental pop world.

Questions list:

Ji: Welcome to Culture Express! Congratulations on your new album and so many people are expected your new album.

Lo: 鈥︹

Ji: it sounds to me like an observe to this society, sounds really like a social obligation of yours to observe the whole society. And you wrote songs to express your ideas. Maybe is that your obligation?

Lo: 鈥︹

Ji: For the first several years, you released one album maybe each year, and low down the pace. It seems that it slows down.

Lo: 鈥︹

Ji: and also take about your own image. The man always in Black, haha,

Lo: 鈥︹

Ji: you are 50 sorry to mention your age. But according to Chinese tradition, say being a guy in fifty you should know the meaning of your life.

Lo: 鈥︹

Ji: You said you have so many things to express and you have to design it. Maybe you can also choose to be a writer?

Lo: 鈥︹


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