Embrace every piece of sunshine 11-12-2004 13:57

I like singing. And I like old songs in particular. In my mind, they are more than just songs. They remind me of the old days that I鈥檝e through. Whenever those familiar melodies come to me, it is like taking a journey back to the towns that I鈥檝e visited and meeting old friends that I鈥檝e met. Yes, I can even smell the air at that time.

After traveling a long way from Zhejiang, I became a student in Beijing. Then a part-time radio host, then a civil servant in the Ministry of Education, then a student in England, and then an anchor with CCTV International. When I listen to the music, I hear the laughs of my classmates, I take calls from my listeners, I see little swans swimming in the lake in Nottingham and I go out with friends to have a Christmas party. My experience, not rich enough though, gives me the chance to meet different people. They may be distinguished professors, they may be celebrities, and they may be just ordinary people. Whoever they are, one thing they do share. That is, their endless pursuit of excellence and their desire for an ever bright future.

When night falls, I switch on the radio. It is an old song. With a tip of coffee, I give myself a smile.

The first time when the idea of being an anchor or a host occurred to me was in my high school. One day my friends asked me 鈥 What would you like to be in the future? 鈥 a very commonly seen question in high schools. In response I said I wanted to be a TV host. When I said it, it was like a kind of response instinct, without any hesitation, which even surprised myself.

After graduation, I came a long way from Zhejiang province in south China to Beijing for my higher education in Beijing Language & Culture University. Interestingly, in the second year in the university, I was asked by the university to start up the radio service on the campus. And then in the third year I was invited by Beijing Radio to be a host of a call-in music programme. When I thought that鈥檚 the kind of job I was going to take when I graduated, I, surprisingly enough again, accepted the offer from the Ministry of Education. There I worked for nearly seven years as a civil servant, a life which is so different from being a host - a dream that I鈥檝e been holding since high school.

Then in 1998, I got a chance to do an MBA in the University of Nottingham in England. It was a one-year full-time programme. Tough, but interesting. Every day we were surrounded by jargons like 鈥榗ore competence鈥 or 鈥楽WOT analysis鈥. It seemed I was going even further away from being a TV host.

However you will never know what鈥檚 going to happen next. In 1999, I came back to Beijing. And not long after that, in 2000, I got an offer from CCTV9. After a long way around, I am back, back to my dream - I become an anchor.

In 鈥淣ottinghill鈥, Hugh Grant says, 鈥業t鈥檚 real, but nice.鈥 Now I鈥檒l say 鈥 It鈥檚 real, and nice锛

Embrace every piece of sunshine, and you will be surrounded by the whole SUN!

Editor:Chen Jie

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