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What exactly makes thousands of people take part in the triathlon events, where you have to swim 1500 metres, then immediately cycle 40 kilometres and right afterwards run 10 km 鈥 and all of that without a break?


All triathlons consist of Swimming, Cycling, and Running one after the other, but there are three different types:

The Olympic distance triathlon, which is one of the 28 Olympic sports, consists of: 1500m swimming, 40km cycling and 10km running.

The sprint: 750m swimming, 20km cycling and 5km running

Long distance: 4 km swimming, 120 km cycling and 30 km running

The Olympic distance triathlon has prevailed and is included in the Olympic competition schedule. The distances of each discipline at the classic (Olympic) distance correspond to the longest distances adopted by the respective International Federations (FINA, UCI, IAAF), regarding the disciplines carried out in a stadium. Triathlon demands endurance, technique and tactics.

ATHENS 2004 Triathlon

The sport of Triathlon in the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games will be staged in the wider area of the Municipality of Vouliagmeni in southern Athens. The swimming will take place at one of the most famous beaches, Oceanida. The water quality is excellent and the beach has all the necessary facilities. The start will take place from a floating pontoon.

The cycling and running will be held on the 鈥渕ountainous鈥 side of the municipality, in scenery where the mountains and sea alternate along the whole route.

The cycling route will have intensive technical characteristics with constant ascents and descents, and spectators will line the whole route. Only motorcyclists carrying camera operators and judges will be allowed to enter the competitive course of the cycling section. The running will be staged in three laps of 3.3 km. As is required, there is provision for water stations for the athletes every 850 m. During cycling, there will be 6 pits with wheels (wheel stations) should someone get a puncture.


The first triathlon was organized on the 25th of September 1974 in Mission Bay in San Diego, California, USA.

The International Triathlon Federation (ITU) was founded in May of 1989 in Avignon, France and the same town staged the first World Championships in August of the same year. In 1994, during an IOC session in Paris, it was announced that the sport had formally become part of the Olympic Programme.

IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch wrote that the father of the modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, would have especially enjoyed the triathlon, during which he would have had to swim, cycle and run. These sports have been a part of the Olympic competition schedule since the first Olympic Games in 1896. Coubertin (1875) himself said the following: "We need a sport that combines swimming, cycling and running, which are all so popular; a modern, dynamic sport to celebrate the Olympic spirit of fair-play, endurance, force, ability and passion".

The triathlon made its debut at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney where 500,000 spectators watched the event for two days.

Source:The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games

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