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Gymnastics is one of the oldest Olympic sports. It has always been a part of the ancient, as well as the modern Olympic Games. The term 鈥済ymnastics鈥 derives from the Greek word 鈥済ymnos鈥, meaning naked. This is also the root of the word 鈥済ymnasium鈥, which was a training area where athletes gathered to exercise, compete in sports and receive training in philosophy, music and literature.


Grace, rhythm, skill and dynamic movement are only some of the characteristics of Gymnastics, one of the most popular sports of the Olympic Games. Athletes, with or without the accompaniment of music and only with their body or with the use of apparatus, perform a series of exercises where art and sport coexist, thereby attracting millions of fans.

Gymnastics disciplines that have developed internationally are: Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Sports Acrobatics, Sports Aerobics and General Gymnastics.

The programme of the Olympic Games only includes Artistic Gymnastics for men and women, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline Individual for men and women.

ATHENS 2004 Gymnastics

During the ATHENS 2004 Games, Gymnastics disciplines will be held in the Olympic Indoor Hall at the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline), which has a seating capacity of 15,000 and at the Galatsi Olympic Hall (Rhythmic Gymnastics) that has a seating capacity of 6,000.

Artistic Gymnastics will be concluded over eight competition days, from 14 to 23 August, with the participation of 98 men and 98 women athletes from about 35 countries.

Trampoline will be held on 20 and 21 August with the participation of 16 men and 16 women athletes from about 20 countries.

Rhythmic Gymnastics will be held from 26 to 29 August with the participation of 80 gymnasts from approximately 20 countries.

On 24 August a gala will be held at the Olympic Indoor Hall, with the participation of the Olympic Champions and World Champions in Gymnastics.

Source:The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games

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