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The Equestrian disciplines are unique among Olympic sports, in the sense that men and women compete on the same terms and horse and rider are both declared Olympic medal winners.

Rider and horse are considered a team. Years of systematic efforts are required for the team to be able to perform adequately various exercises of skill, speed, endurance, and jumping of obstacles.


There are seven Equestrian disciplines recognised by the International Equestrian Federation (F喂d喂ration Equestre Internationale 鈥 FEI): Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Reining, Vaulting, Endurance, and Driving. All seven are included in the competition schedule of the World Equestrian Games (WEG), which take place every four years, in the even year between two Summer Olympic Games. The last WEG was held in Jerez (Spain), in September 2002. The next WEG is scheduled to take place in Aachen (Germany), in 2006.

Only three of these disciplines are included in the Olympic Games competition schedule, and they include both individual and team events. The Olympic disciplines are:




ATHENS 2004 Equestrian

Equestrian events will be held over 11 competition days, between 15 and 27 August (no Equestrian events will be held on 19 and 26 of August). Equestrian events will be held at the newly-built Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre, which includes two main arenas, one with grass for the Jumping events, and one with sand for the Dressage events, as well as a separate venue for Eventing - the Eventing Park.

Source:The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games

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