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The Zappeion Palace

Every place has its own history, individual and unique. But in the case of Athens we are speaking of a history that, at a certain moment, around the 5th century BC, transcended its narrow geographical boundaries and became a history of global, universal importance. But before Athens could arrive at the golden period of fifty years which it enjoyed in the 5th century BC, it had first to travel a great distance, starting in the Neolithic period, while centuries after its glorious heyday its history continued to be defined by its unique past.

The National Library

Athens is the cradle of Western civilisation. From the end of the 4th millennium BC) up until the present day, the city has never ceased to be inhabited. Periods of glory and prosperity, days of splendour and hours of darkness alternate through the course of the centuries - with the city reaching its apogee in the celebrated golden age of Athenian democracy, the 5th century BC. The modern visitor to the city is privileged indeed: he can read the whole course of Athenian history inscribed, like a palimpsest, on the fabric of the city. There are innumerable fascinating walks to be enjoyed in Athens; But if you want to tread in the splendid footsteps of the history of this city, then come with us on four archaeological and historical circuits that you really should not miss.

First Walk: Acropolis & Environs

Second Walk: Ancient Agora, Roman Forum, Kerameikos

Third Walk: National Garden, Zappeion, Columns of Olympian Zeus

Fourth Walk: Neo-classical Athens

Fifth Walk: Kaisariani - the Garden of Byzantine Monuments

Source:The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games


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