Green Spaces 07-17-2004 14:18

Before the Games start, more than 1 million large bushes, 290,000 new trees and 11 million new shrubs will be thriving throughout Athens.

ATHENS 2004 goal is to ensure adequate implementation of good landscape architecture practices in Olympic competition and non-competition sites, the greater Athens area, and in other locations in Greece by respecting the original landscape and using natural resources rationally.

The Olympic Village meets in great extend the principles of sustainable development and bioclimatic architecture, which stresses the factors of correct orientation, good natural ventilation, interpenetration with park and garden areas, and circulation of natural air.

All green spaces will be designed and constructed so as to contain plants compatible with the Mediterranean climate and have minimum irrigation requirements. The economy of water will therefore be promoted. Recycling methods for the use of water and advanced river flow techniques will reinforce the rational use of water. With the contribution of donators and other stakeholders, for example Greeks from abroad, thematic gardens will be developed.

Source:The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games


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