Goudi Olympic Complex (GCO) 07-17-2004 12:53

The Goudi Olympic Complex is an important section in the whole Olympic works programme, as it will host Modern Pentathlon and Badminton. The Goudi Complex consists of two venues: the Goudi Olympic Hall and the Olympic Modern Pentathlon Centre.

The disciplines of Shooting and Fencing of Modern Pentathlon as well as Badminton will be held at the Goudi Olympic Hall.

In addition, the remaining three Modern Pentathlon disciplines -Swimming, Riding and Running- will be held at the Olympic Modern Pentathlon Centre. The complex includes a 2,500 seated area for Swimming, two 5,000 seated areas for Riding and Running and one 3,000 seated area for Fencing and Shooting. Another 4,100 seated area will host the Badminton sport, which will be a temporary construction undertaken by the Ministry of Environment, Public Welfare and Public Works.

Quick facts & Dates

Sport: Modern Pentathlon, Badminton

Competition Schedule: 26-27 August (Modern Pentathlon), 14-21 August (Badminton)

Athletes participating: 172 (Badminton), 64 (Modern Pentathlon)

Total spectator capacity:

Badminton 4,100, Modern Pentathlon: Equestrian 5,000, Swimming 2,500, Shooting/Fencing 3,000

Net spectator capacity:

Badminton 2,600, Modern Pentathlon: Equestrian 4,500, Swimming 2,000, Shooting/Fencing 2,000

Total land surface: 231,700 sq m

Distance from Olympic Village: 28,5 km

Completion Date: 31 March 2004

Official Opening: 30 July 2004

Press seats: 120 written press, 20 photographers

Spectator Services:

ticket resolution office, ticket office, medical services, first aid, information office, food concession, Olympic Products selling points, vending machines for mobile telephony prepaid vouchers and connection packs, WCs

Source:The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games


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