Ancient Olympia Stadium 07-17-2004 12:30

The Shot Put Event will be held in the Stadium of Ancient Olympia on 18 August 2004.

For the well preservation of the site, there will be no visual intervention to the competition ground, no temporary structures and grandstands, even prefabricated, no electronic boards or artificial lighting. At the Stadium only movable throwing circles will be placed.

For the accommodation of athletes, media representatives and spectators, the facilities of the International Olympic Academy in Olympia will be used, where there is also the ability for catering and a modern stadium, which will be used as training and warm-up facility.

The new conference centre of the International Olympic Academy will be used for press conference and as work area for media representatives.

Note: Medals will be awarded to both men and women on 20 August, in the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

Source:The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games

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