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For the first time in the history of the modern Olympic Games, the Olympic flame was lit by fire coming directly from the sanctuary of the Ancient Games in Olympia. Indeed, during the 1934 Session, the International Olympic Committee approved the proposal made by the Secretary General of the Berlin Games Organising Committee to carry the flame in relay from Olympia to Berlin.

The National Olympic Committees of Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Germany (the seven countries which the flame relay went through) were entirely favourable to the idea and cooperated enthusiastically in the project. The Organising Committee planned a route crossing the capitals of each of these countries.

The torch itself was in polished steel. On the handle, the inscription 鈥淔ackelstaffel-Lauf Olympia-Berlin 1936鈥, with Olympic rings and the German eagle superimposed. On the bottom part, the line of the flame鈥檚 route from Olympia to Berlin. On the platform, the inscription 鈥淥rganisazions-Komitee f眉r die XI. Olympiade Berlin 1926 Als Dank dem Träger鈥.

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