JAMES CHAU 鍛ㄥ缓鎴 04-30-2004 17:51

Doha, 2001

After 15 years, the wait was over. As the conference chairman鈥檚 gavel came hurtling down, China was approved entry into the World Trade Organisation in an event described by WTO Director-General Mike Moore as, perhaps, the most important of the century. For over a week, our crew worked with three hours of sleep a night, chasing down delegates, sending back live reports, fibbing our way into sideline trade talks and, in between, hiding in dark corners waiting for that elusive sound bite. Adding to the challenge, the conference hotel seemed the size of a dozen basketball courts, commanding the Herculean efforts of an on-form Yao Ming to 鈥榮lam dunk鈥 every interview on time - with microphone, camera and tripod in hand. But, light-hearted complaints aside, we鈥檇 witnessed a moment in history.


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