JAMES CHAU 鍛ㄥ缓鎴 04-30-2004 17:47

Washington D.C., 2001

Young and largely untested, this was my first trip to the White House. Resembling more a doll鈥檚 house than a residence of 鈥榩residential鈥 proportions, it had its fair share of surprises. For starters, the official press briefing room, where the spokesman鈥ell, speaks鈥s much smaller than you would expect. That said, inside the Oval Office, George W. Bush looked much like he did on television. These were in the relatively 鈥榗arefree鈥 days prior to September 11th. Less than a year later, however, on a subsequent trip with the then Chinese vice president, Hu Jintao, Pennsylvania Avenue was deserted of pedestrians and White House security had become a news story in itself.


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