Introduction to Tian'anmen Square

2009-10-01 08:50 BJT

Standing next to me is our current affairs commentator, Dr. Gao Zhikai.  With the help of this huge touch screen behind us, we will take you on virtual tour of the venue under the spotlight today – the Tian’anmen square in the heart of Beijing. Later in the program we will also unveil some lesser known facts and figures about the upcoming parade, which make it so much more special and significant. First let's take a 3 dimensional look at the famous Tian’anmen square.

Tian'anmen square, one of the largest civilian squares in the world, covering an area of 440,000 square meters.  500 meters from east to west and nearly 900 metres from north to south.  It has witnessed numerous historic episodes in modern Chinese history.   On this square 13 military parades have taken place since the founding of New China.  It is still a must-see place for the visitors to Beijing.