Ahmed Latheef, Maldivian Ambassador to China

2009-09-16 15:51 BJT

"China has made tremendous progress, I think, in all respects, both economically and socially."

"I could see changes in the development, in people’s lifestyle, and even in the way they dressed. Because the opening-up has already taken place and the benefits of opening-up could already see in 1990s."

"I have later travelled to China in 2001 and 2002. It could be a remarkable process, with the Chinese leadership showing off. And how the country with 1.3 billion people had developed all the years is really remarkable."

"Increasingly, China is playing a very important role in the world’s stage. It has set examples in many areas. The highlight of its coming of age is the Olympics. That has shown to the world that China has come to the world level now."

Editor: Zhang Pengfei | Source: China Daily