Support for the Countries and Peoples of Latin America in their Struggle to Safeguard National Independence and State Sovereignty

2009-09-11 16:26 BJT

During the 1970s, the political situation of the countries in Latin America and the Carribean underwent significant changes. On 1 February 1971, Premier Zhou Enlai of the Chinese State Council attended a reception given by Mr. Garcia, Charge d?Affaires ad interim of the Cuban Embassy in China. Touching on the situation in Latin America, Premier Zhou said: The situation in the 70s is very different from that of the 60s.The struggle in Latin America to opposed imperialism and for national independence has made marked progress and a breakthrough has been brought about; the beacon of this struggle has brought light to the whole Western Hemisphere. At the banquet to welcome Mexican president Echeveria on his visit to China, Premier zhou remarked that Latin America is emerging on the world arena with a new stance and that the struggle of the Latin American countries and people to defend their national independence and state sovereignty has gained deeper and more extensive development. The strengthening of contacts and unity among the Latin American countries and the strengthening of contacts and unity between the Latin American countries and the Asian and African countries are playing an increasingly important role in international affairs.

China and the countries of Latin America and the Carribean Sea are all developing countries. China actively supports the Latin American countries in their struggles to safeguard national independence, state sovereignty and national resources, develop national economy, oppose foreign interference, oppose hegemonism and for the establishment of a new international economic order.

China has always been concerned and rendered support to the struggle of the Panamanian people in their just struggles. In January 1964 at the height of the Panamanian people?s patriotic struggle against the United States, Chairman Mao Zedong remarked on January 12 in which he expressed firm support to their just action in seeking to regain sovereignty over the Panama Canal Zone. In March 1973 at the U.N. Security Council?s meeting on Panama, the Chinese representative Huang Hua reiterated that the Chinese Government completely understood and deeply sympathized with and supported the unrelenting efforts of the Panamanian Government and people to regain sovereignty over the Panama Canal.