Neiliansheng Shoes

2009-09-10 14:41 BJT

Founded during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) by Zhao Ting, the Neiliansheng Shoes shop bears an auspicious name which means, "unstopped promotions in official ranks" in Chinese.

The company quickly won many customers and before long Neiliansheng gained a good reputation for making court boots for top officials. Its shoes had even served as tributes to royal families.

The court shoes were sought after for their bright black satin and the 32 layers of cloth used in the sole. Wearing the court shoes of Neiliansheng soon became a fashion statement in Beijing and a mark of high status.

In addition to their shoes' quality, the services the company offered also drew customers. In those days workers personally went to the homes of high officials to take measurements, but owner Zhao believed it was inconvenient and decided to write down all the names, addresses, measurements and special demands of local officials who had shoes made to save time.