Indica Hybrid Rice

2009-09-09 14:37 BJT

With the application of this technology since 1976,China's total rice cultivation lands have grown such rice, which added rice output by some 240 billion kilograms up till 1994.
With the application of this technology since 1976,China's 
total rice cultivation lands have grown such rice, which 
added rice output by some 240 billion kilograms up till 1994.

Since the foundation of People's Republic of China, China has made one after another outstanding achievements in agriculture technology, one of which is the successful development of inidca hybrid rice. With the application of this technology since 1976,China's total rice cultivation lands have grown such rice, which added rice output by some 240 billion kilograms up till 1994.

The research of indica hybrid began in 1964, when a teacher from Hunan Province, Yuan Longping first put forward the idea of utilizing the heterosis in rice and initiated the research on hybrid rice in China. In November 1970, a pollen abortive wild rice plant (shortly called wild abortive, i.e., WA, thereafter) was discovered among the plants of common wild rice at Nanhong Farm of Ya County of Hainan Island, the southernmost province in China.