Transport in Shanghai

2010-04-20 18:26 BJT


Shanghai is supported by a vast network of public transport including an ever-expanding Metro system, 1,100 bus routes, a large number of ferry lines and a state-of-the-art Maglev Line. There's also a fleet of cabs numbering more than 45,000, for those that want to sight see as they travel.

The Maglev Demonstration Line has since 2003 been zipping people along the 30km journey to Pudong airport in less than 8 minutes. And those that want to travel at a more leisurely pace can jump onto the Huangpu ferries.


Shanghai has a comprehensive city rail transit system known as the Metro, which combines subway, light rail and the Pudong Airport Maglev line. There are 8 Metro lines in all, with more under construction. Operation hours for Lines 1- 4 are 6:00-22:30, and 6:00-22:00 for Line 5. The Metro system has introduced electronic ticketing machines so visitors should carry plenty of change. Fares range from RMB2 to RMB9 depending on distance.

Visitors staying in Shanghai for some time should purchase a Shanghai Public Transportation Card, or IC card. The card can be used on the Metro, on some public buses, ferries, and even taxis. An IC card costs RMB 100 with RMB 30 deposit and RMB 70 credit. Visitors can top up the cards at any designated Metro station, bus station, bank and store.


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