Hong Kong's cards to show the way

2009-05-26 16:03 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Shanghai Expo Countdown |

Hong Kong's exhibition in the Urban Best Practices Area will introduce its widely-used smartcard to show how its people use innovative ways and technology to improve efficiency in city life and promote communication within the city and other parts of the world.

dynamic video graphics - Hong Kong's contrasts

The surface of the exhibition structure is animated
with interactive video graphics that are sensitive
to the patterns of visitor flows.

By showcasing the everyday city life of Hong Kong residents, the exhibition will demonstrate various smart card applications in payment and non-payment transactions so that visitors can experience the fabulous cosmopolitan life of Hong Kong, echoing the theme "Smart Card, Smart City, Smart Life."

Smart cards are widely used in Hong Kong, and the current applications include Octopus cards, smart identity cards and autotoll cards. Hong Kong is also developing smart cards for new areas such as education, medical care and environmental protection.

Dynamic video graphics - Hong Kong's contrasts

Dynamic video graphics - Hong Kong's contrasts