03-04-2007 14:07

China's economic growth also means a widening gap between rich and poor. Today, in our special series "Across China", Han Bin follows two families, one in coastal city of Shanghai, and one from the heart of the country to learn more about expectations and the challenges of how to manage them.


Lu Qihao relaxes at home playing billiards. He's a millionaire in Shanghai.

The Lu family lives in one of the most expensive residential areas in Pudong. His wife is also extremely successful. The couple met at university.

Today, he sells lamps, while she sells building materials. They started to make their fortune when Shanghai's economy began to grow in the early 1990s.

Lu Qihao, president of Shanghai Union Arts and Crafts, said, "In the past decade, there were so many great opportunities for businesses. I'm very lucky I was in the right place at the right time and we have the good policy."

Most of Qihao's products sell well abroad. These boxes are heading to the US. His business has grown to some 6 million US dollars in annual sales. Customers like his prices, design and quality.

Lu said, "Fortune and money have really changed my life. They've given me a good quality of life, and I can help those who need it. But on the inside, I'm still the same person I was ten years ago."

He may not have changed inside, but the people around him see only a rich man.