Shijingshan Temple fair

2010-02-11 17:12 BJT

Western influences have penetrated most aspects of Chinese life and temple fairs are no exception. If you want a change from the traditional Chinese temple fair, get down to Chaoyang Park, Shijingshan Amusement Park fair with dancing, concerts, street snacks, fashion shows and parades.

Shijingshan Temple fair
Shijingshan Temple fair

Starting from 2000, Shijingshan Temple fair is a foreign-style temple fair. It is almost like a foreign carnival parade. A cinema of 4-dimensional movies will open alongside other events this year.

Exotic performances such as a Japanese fan dance, a Korean long-drum dance , Latin dance, a Russian song and dance performance and a cartoon show will be seen on the fair. There will also be other amusement programs, including those for children.

Venue: Shijingshan Amusement Park, Shijingshan District

Admission: 5 yuan

To get there: Subway to Bajiao Amusement Park; Bus Nos. 337, 728, 747, 917

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