Baiyun Temple Fair

2010-02-11 17:12 BJT

In Beijing will be outside the West, outside the rejuvenation of East Baiyun Lu, Beijing is the largest Taoist temple, known as “the first true full-jungle.” Old, Baiyun Temple opened the first month of the main activities of the “immortals will,” “Star-shun,” “Eye of money to fight” and “touch stone monkey” and so on.

Baiyun Temple  Fair
Baiyun Temple  Fair

Qiu Chuji legend on the 19th day come to earth spirits are coming, so during the temple incense to sell in order to foil paper statues, followed by a variety of food, children’s toys, and so on, one of the few daily. There will be periods throughout the civil Lions to the Fair, stilts, Hanchuan have to perform pilgrimage, gongs and drums constantly, unusually lively.

Visit Baiyun a very happy, is riding a small donkey. 1987, Baiyun in the “Spring Festival temple fair folk” on the back of the small riding a donkey. Baiyun currently is the seat of the China Taoist Association, the resumption of religious activities and opening to the outside world.

Location: Xicheng District Baiyun Temple

Admission: 10 yuan.

Bus Routes: 114,308,320,708,717727,932,937 (branch), 937 (2 sticks), 937 (3 sticks), 937 (4 teams), 937 (Western), 937 (green gold), 937 (Feng River green camp).

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