Longtan Temple Fair

2010-02-11 17:12 BJT

The best choice for tasting a variety of traditional Chinese snacks is in Longtan Temple Fair. 

Longtan Temple Fair
Longtan Temple Fair

Beijing Local Snack Street, you can enjoy old Beijing's sweet cakes, stir-fried liver, bitter flapjacks and fried cow stomach.

Handcraft Art & Dried Food Street, Chinese New Year paintings, handicraft products, various kinds of dried fruit even Hallowmas's masks are available.
Tai Wan snack stall.

In addition, the Chinese skills, “Modern” and other programs will also be entered Longtan temple fair, so that everyone in the fun, enjoy the traditional Chinese art of exquisite, an Institute of authentic English, so have the Chinese New Year more meaningful.

Venue: Longtan Lake Park, Zuoanmennei Dajie, Chongwen District

Admission: 10 yuan

To get there: Bus routes 807, 12, 6, 60 or 116 take you to the park

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