Broadway Music and Dance: Forever Tango

2010-02-09 08:42 BJT

Venue: Huairou Theatre
Time: 2010/2/16-2010/2/21
Price: 180 380 580 680 880 500 700 1000 1200 1600

Broadway Music and Dance: Forever Tango 
Broadway Music and Dance: Forever Tango 

In 1994, Luis Bravo created one of the hottest shows ever to see a Broadway stage. Steeped in the passionate rhythms and sensual movements of Argentina's national dance, Forever Tango is a celebration of music and culture.

Thousands of fans around the world have thrilled to this unrivaled dance experience, and with a new national tour underway, a new wave of tango enthusiasts are waiting to be dazzled.

Forever Tango features fourteen world-class tango dancers, one vocalist and an on-stage eleven piece orchestra, including the instrument of the tango, the bandoneon, in an evening that celebrates the passionate music and dance of Argentina.  The dances, performed to original and traditional music, are the result of collaboration between each couple and director/creator Bravo.  “The tango is a feeling that you dance,” says Bravo, “a story you tell in three minutes.  It’s passionate, it’s melancholic.  It’s tender, violent.  You dance it with somebody – but it is so internal, you dance it by yourself.  More than just a dance, the tango is music, a drama, a culture, a way of life.”