2009-10-27 16:26 BJT

施宇鹏 Champion

If I tell you I never dream of standing at this stage, holding this trophy, I would be telling a lie.

  But if I tell you I just wait and let it happen, I would be telling another lie.

  I work hard for it.

  The first time when I watched this competition on TV was my second year in high school. I asked my mom ,"Mom, do you think one day I would be able to stand up on this stage?" My mom said,"You'd better try!

  " Then I tried. I always ask myself in silence,"Can I do it?" I hear replies, replies from my family, my teachers, my friends, from other contestants, from staff of the CCTV and FLTRP, from audiences, from judges, from hundreds of people who are watching this competition. Though you don't hear my question, your words, your smiles are the best answers.

  I have been through many ups and downs in the last 20 years. I have been lost, and defeated and I have set out to find new directions. This is a new start. As I said in the opening, "The beginning of my dream is just beginning." The dream is not only mine, but of hundreds of young people in front of the TV screen. You can do it! You can make a difference!

   Thanks to everyone who helps make this stage possible. Thank you!