2010/03/06 Voices and Votes

2010-03-06 23:03 BJT


Part I: CCTV host Tianwei interviews former Minister of Commerce, Wei Jianguo: Can exports still fuel China's growth? >>

Economic restructuring seems to be the buzzword at the National People's Congress. The aim is to change China's economic reliance on exports and investment -- the foundation of the past 30 years -- to more domestic consumption. But how long will China continue to rely on exports? What are the challenges in making this transition?


Part II: China's economic trasformation; Economic macro-control; How far is China from inflation? >>

China's economic model has so far produced amazing results. Now the essential debate is whether the country’s economy is on a sustainable growth path. Since 2004, China has devoted over 40 percent of its GDP to investment. This is far higher than Japan and South Korea, at the height of their investment-led economic development strategies.


Part III: Voices & Votes: China's monetary policy; Economies pre and post financial crisis >>

China's currency, the yuan, is becoming a more popular choice for cross-border trade between China and its neighbors. In 2009, the Chinese government took actions to promote the yuan's international presence. But experts say that it will still take some time before it becomes a truly global currency.


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