2010/03/04 Voices and Votes

2010-03-04 21:59 BJT

Part I:

[Interview] CCTV host Tian Wei interviews CPPCC member Deng Yaping: Youth Political Participation >>





Part II:

[Discussion I] Global media cast eyes on China >>

The annual plenary sessions for the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference have attracted media attention across the globe.



Part II:

[CCTV observation] Celebrities endowed with more expectations than stardom >>





Part III:

[Survey] Issues people concerned >>

China's major media outlets have been exploring a wide survey online about the important issues people are concerned with for the annual sessions of NPC and CPPCC national committee. Livelihoods and things that are directly-related to people's daily life are the hottest topics.


Part IV:

[Discussion II] Survey on important issues people concerned >>

Zhao Fujun, Beijing resident, said, "How can every Chinese share the fruit of the country's growth in the economy and development? Last Saturday, Premier Wen had an online chat with netizens. He stressed the government's responsibility of fair distribution of social wealth. I hope the NPC and CPPCC can tackle the pressing problems that are closely connected to our everyday life."


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