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Hainan to open up for international carriers
   CCTV.COM   2003-08-06 10:08:13   
    China's southernmost province of Hainan will be opening navigation rights to boost the island's tourism industry.

    China's Civil Aviation says the State Council has authorized a proposal to open up Hainan's airspace to international airlines. And the local government is reforming its customs and border control sectors. The local civil aviation authorities are upgrading the island's two major airports, in Haikou and Sanya city.

    Hainan is a hot tourist destination of China. But only 380,000 overseas tourists visit the island every year; that's only one sixth of the number of tourists that visit Indonesia's tourist island of Bali.

    The lack of international air routes is seen as a major factor. Currently, the only international flights to Hainan are from Hong Kong, Macao and South Korea. Some international airlines are now preparing to start new routes to Hainan to facilitate flights between Asia and North America.

Editor: Xiao Wei

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