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China welcomes DPRK acceptance of 6-party talks
   CCTV.COM   2003-08-05 12:08:54   
    The Democratic People's Republic of Korea announced on Monday that the six-party talks on the country's nuclear issue will begin soon in Beijing. The DPRK Foreign Ministry says Pyongyang expects sincere changes in US policy towards it at the forthcoming talks. The US, the DPRK, China, the ROK, Russia, and Japan will take part in the talks.

    Welcoming the DPRK's announcement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Monday it is ready to join efforts with relevant parties to push for an early start to the new round of talks.

    Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan said on Monday that China supports expanding the range of participants in the new round of Beijing talks. He said that China, as the host, is willing to keep up consultations with all relevant parties and join efforts to push for an early start of the six-party talks.

    The spokesman expressed his belief that since the Republic of Korea, Russia and Japan all actively stand for solving the issue through dialogue, their participation will help promote a peaceful settlement.

    Kong Quan noted that both the DPRK and the US stand for a peaceful settlement of the issue and China has held in-depth discussions with the two countries on the reopening of new talks. He added that both countries have put forward many important ideas and opinions on the talks, which have been beneficial for making dialogue a reality.

    Kong Quan also noted that China has always supported a peaceful settlement of the DPRK nuclear issue through dialogue and has made effective efforts to that end.

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