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New HK financial secretary vows to improve economy
   CCTV.COM   2003-08-05 15:08:41   
    The newly appointed financial secretary for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Tang Ying-yen, has expressed his confidence in bringing the region's economy out of its doldrums.

    The region is facing the unprecedented challenges of economic restructuring, high unemployment, fiscal deficit and deflation.

    The new HK financial secretary has set improving the economy as his top priority. He says the unfavorable international economic environment and the problems with Hong Kong's own economic structure have brought many difficulties to the growth of local economy.

    But Tang Ying-yen is also confident that with HK's own advantages and the support from the mainland, his team will put the local economy back on the growth track.

    "Despite the current economic difficulties, we should not lose sight of our unique advantages and our good economic fundamentals. Hong Kong's close economic links with the mainland are a key advantage for the region and they will be further strengthened by the recently signed CEPA document between the two sides. I am fully confident that Hong Kong will rise again stronger than before if our community can work together to face and overcome those challenges," Tang Ying-yen said.

    He added that he will work with all the sectors of Hong Kong to introduce effective ways to boost the economy. He says he hopes the Hong Kong public will work together with his team to achieve that goal.

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