CCTV International (CCTV-4) is a satellite channel targeting overseas Chinese and Chinese living in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. The channel delivers news and information about China¡¯s politics, economy, society, culture, science, education and history, serving as a window through which foreign viewers can better understand China, as well as a bridge connecting China to the rest of the world.

Using digital compression technology, CCTV International is broadcast all over the world through several satellites. In recent years, in collaboration with a number of overseas TV organizations, CCTV has successfully expanded CCTV International¡¯s infiltration into local cable and DTH networks in many countries and regions in Asia, Africa, North America, Europe and Oceania. Meanwhile, cable networks in most Chinese cities carry CCTV International¡¯s programming.

CCTV International is a general-interest channel with programs focusing on news and current affairs. It also features economics, cultural and entertainment programs. Among its most popular programs are ¡°China News¡±, ¡°China Report¡±, ¡°China Showbiz¡±, ¡°Time Together Across the Ocean¡±, ¡°Across the Strait¡±, ¡°Travelogue¡±, ¡°Joyful Gathering¡±, ¡°Chinese Arts and Culture¡±, ¡°Homeland in the East¡±, ¡°Chinese History¡±. The channel also shows some popular programs from other CCTV channels, such as ¡°Network News¡±, ¡°Oriental Horizon¡±, ¡°Talk It Straightly¡±, ¡°Sports World¡±, ¡°Cartoon City¡±, ¡°Golden Years¡±, ¡°Variety Showbiz¡±, ¡°Folk Stage performances¡±, as well as Chinese made dramas.

CCTV International broadcasts 24 hours a day, in three units rotating every eight hours. This arrangement enables audiences in different time zones to watch CCTV International at the time most convenient to them.

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