The Winner of Golden Microphone Awards-Yang Fuqing
  Yang Fuqing comes from a peasant family, he didn't learn English until he entered a high school. However, he got a very high mark of more than 90 in the college entrance exam. Yang said it seemed that he had a feel of the English language, he knows how to choose proper English words, make correct sentences, to express his feelings, and he even can write good essays. He said that it may owe to his love for Chinese literary that made him learn English easier .In his eyes, Chinese and English are interrelated.
  Yang possesses the fine quality of Chinese peasants. He is good natured and sincere in his relations with others. He is serious and industrious towards his work. He has a high demand of himself,. Under no condition, he jumps into a queue. When driving a car on the road , he always shows considerations for other road users. Though he is gentle and considerate, he never shows mercy when he finds mistakes committed by him and other colleagues. Sometimes he even flys into a rage.. In his words, he" can not tolerate mistakes in work".
  Yang has lived in Beijing for more than 10 years. He has a deep love for Beijing, especially the old Beijng buildings, such as Hutongs and quadrangles. In his early twenties, he went through nearly all the old Hutongs in Beijing by bike. He has great interest in common people's daily life. In his eyes, old Beijing was not only beautiful but also romantic .The atmosphere of old Beijing was permeated with culture.
  Talking of the recent reconstruction of Beijing, Yang said it was regrettable that old buildings were torn down in order to make room for modern high-rises. Instead, everyone in China has the responsibility to protect his cultural heritage. Developments and traditional culture are not contradictory, Yang said.
  "World Wide Watch" is one of the famous programs of CCTV-9 Yang, as one of the planners of the program, said that some developed western countries in the world have dominated the media world for a long time. The news they report is mainly about their own countries, no matter the news is significant or not. When talking about China, their tone is mainly negative. And most pieces of news they report are sensational ones. In the eyes of quite a number of western media, China is connected with disasters and backwardness. Yang said that the purpose of the "World Wide Watch" is striving to break this kind of imbalance and stereotypes, giving the western audience a full and correct picture about China. As one of the most important developing countries, China should have a proper position in the media world. In order to attract the indifferent westerners' interest in Chinese news, Yang said, the contents of "World Wide Watch" should be internationalized, and at the same time report the situation in China and other developing countries from a penetrating perspective and in an objective true to fact manner. Yang's biggest hope ,he says is to see CCTV-9 become a powerful competitor for CNN and BBC.