A News Anchor's Life
  As the longest serving anchor at CCTV's English News, Yang Fuqing has been presenting the news for more than 12 years, and his career is still going strong.
  He received the top prize for news reporting at the Rainbow Awards 2000, a national award designed to honor people who are promoting China's image in the world, through TV.
  His report on the homecoming of the remains of the victims of the NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, vividly captured the emotional moment when the plane carrying the victims touched down at the Beijing Capital Airport, and earned him the prize.
  This is the second time Yang Fuqing has won the prestigious award. He won in 1994 for his report on the rising trend in the smoking rate in China.
  As an anchor, Yang Fuqing received acclaim for his outstanding preformance on screen, winning second prize at the 1994 Golden Microphone Awards. He was named as one of the best TV and radio hosts in China. He is the only English news presenter ever to win the award. His succes story would have been impossible if his carreer had not taken an unexpected turn upoon graduation. In fact, he was supposed to become a police officer, after attendiing the Chinese Academy for Police Officers in Beijing.
  Born in Tianjin in northern China, He entered the Police Academy in 1983. Because he spoke very standard Chinese, or Putonghua, with an appealing voice, he was chosen to work as an announcer at the little broadcasting station in the school, soon after enrollment. He worked at the station for almost four years as the announcer, writer and editor. His love for broadcasting and experience in jounalism all started there.
  In his career as a newsman, he worked very hard and learned quickly. He soon found he had a natural gift for sound and pictures. Yang Fuqing immersed himself in writing, editing and gathering news on his own. A year later, he was chosen to be a presenter on camera.
  He combined his Chinese announcing skills with his fluent spoken English, and his broadcast style gradually matures. One of his many fans wrote,"I particularly love your style because you not only speak clear and beautiful English, but also know how to communicated with the languge."
  Yang Fuqing has been assigned to cover many major events, including Premier Li Peng's six-nation Middle East tour in 1991, the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference for many yrars, and Hong Kong's handover ceremony.
  He has also designed or participated in many special series of in-depth reports, including Modernization Vs.Tradition, a special series filmed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of China's reform and opening up.
  Because of his outstanding, nationally recognized achievement in TV jounalism, Yang Fuqing won the British government's Chevening Scholarship and went to study in the University of Wales Cardiff, in 1995.
  One year later, he graduated with an MA in jounalism. His study experiences in the UK and his extensive travel throughout the world have helped him to understand the world better and form his own views on world affairs.
  In 1998, he initiated a program containing world news to provide the views with a balanced picture of the world. He named the program World Wide Watch, in the hope that China, as the largest developing country, could keep an eye on global affairs on behalf of all. The program was designed to help the viwer get a more complete picture of the world with Chinese perspectives. As a producer of the program, he designed the format and style of Wolrd Wide Watch, directed routine productions and presented the news as well. The program became an overnight success with English speakers and learners in China.
  Although Yang Fuqint is well acquainted with Western culture, his inner world remains distincly Chinese. As he studies more about Chinese and Western cultures, he is more aware of the importance of protecting the Chinese cultural heritages, and made several reports on the issues.
  He thinks that the disappearing of the ancient buildings and the small alleys called Hutong, is a terrible loss for future generations. Through his work, He hopes he can do soomething to stop the destrution of the Chinese legancy.
  For the part 12 years, Yang Fuqing has witnessed the developmeng of China's television industry, especially the developmeng of English programs, which first stared in 1986.They were born as a result of China's opening-up policy. The amount of English programming and the level of sophistication and professionalism grow as China's reform and opening policy deepens.
  Now as the all-English channel, CCTV-9, kicks off, China is expected to open wider. More and more Chinese will know the world better and more and more people in the world will turn their eyes on China as well. Yang Fuqing is proud to be a contributor to the Process.
  Knowing you and knowing me
  There's a lot we can do !-Yang Fuqing