Cao Ri in the Eyes of differrent People

Cao Ri:More than ten years ago, I couldn't imagine that one day I would be one of the presenters at CCTV. I love my job very much. However, I also understand that it is chanllenging. I know some of the viewers like my presentation and some others don't. It's all natural to me. I believe that people become controversial because they are special and have their own characteristics. I do feel the pressure at this job----pressure to improve both my language and presentation skills. As a member of the CCTV staff, I hope I can, together with my colleagues, make programs well-received by domestic and international viewers.

His colleagues:Cao Ri has been very serious about his work. He is humerous and smart, and an all-rounder who's good at many things from presenting, reporting to editing. He also has good team spirit, and is cooperative and agreeable.

His father: Cao Ri got some influence from his mother and me when choosing his college and profession. We both had worked in the media before we retired. However, we didn't make decisions for him. We gave suggetions. As a matter of fact, we gave him great freedom even when he was a child. I told him what I thought, but never forced him to obey. Parents' taking care of everything for the child is no good. Now Cao Ri is married and has his own family. He comes to see us once or twice a week, cares a lot about us. I am glad he is a responsible father himself now.

His college teacher: I was his teacher when Cao Ri studied International Journalism at the English Department of Beijing Broadcasting Institute. In my eyes, Cao Ri is not a very diligent student, but he's quick to learn and knows how to learn. He entered the college with ordinary scores, but left the institute with the best graduation thesis and the highest overall marks. He was also the only student in his class to be assigned to work at CCTV. Between 1996 and 1999, I was also his tutor when he sought on-the-job graduate study in the institute. I was very impressed by his strong desire to learn new things and broaden his knowledge.

His former classmate: Cao Ri and I lived in the same dormitory for five years. Cao Ri is a very active and easy-going person. He likes to make friends and is always straightforward, never hesitates to speak out what he thinks. He was our department's soccer team member. Physically he's not very big, but he plays quite OK. It surprises me that he is still a loyal Chinese Football League-A follower even today. He simply loves the game.

Viewers (excerpts from letters):I am a college student in Nanjing. Iwatch CCTV-4 every night to improve my English. I admire all of the presenters in CCTV's English programs. I like your presentation in particular. I think you are very natural and cordial on screen. I feel close to you when I watch your program. I noticed you are also an editor. By the way, your tie was not straight in last night's program. Please be more careful next time.

His wife: I met Cao Ri at CCTV. When we had our pratical training in the countryside, I was impressed by Cao Ri's work on dumpling wrappers. He made them fast and well. You know, hedidn't look like one who could do that kind of housework. I began to love eating dumplings ever since…ha-ha. Now we have been married for almost ten years, and he cooks more than I do at home for sure. Being a Gemini, Cao Ri is adaptable and versatile, communicative and witty, and eloquent and lively, though he can be nervous and moody as well.

His 6-year-old son: How could papa be at home and on TV at the same time? Papa doesn't look the same on TV.

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