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US pianist performs on the Great Wall
   CCTV.COM   2002-09-27 13:09:54   
    American pianist Dexter Grey was creating a splash on China's most famous landmark--the Great Wall on Wednesday. The seventy-year-old maestro enthralled a Beijing audience by performing the universal language of Chopin music.

    Believe it or not, this music is produced by someone who's never had formal lessons. Dexter Grey, who rose to international stardom simply by imitating a series of old Victrola recordings of the masters, is now a world-famous pianist and piano teacher.

    He began tickling the ivories at a tender age and is now famous for his precise interpretation of Chopin. The musician calls Chopin music the international language of love, beauty that has no barrier of religion, race, country or origin. He brought this music to the Chinese audience also to fly the flag for international friendship.

    Passion and romance--Dexter Grey mixes the elements in his rendition of Chopin.

    If it achieves nothing else, the performance forms another small bridge between the east and the west, as this performer brings the great masters of classical music to the Chinese people.

Editor: Han Ling

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