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Profile of CCTV.com

2009-01-23 16:42 BJT

As the platform for CCTV's new media services, CCTV.com enjoys the exclusive right for the internet communication and promotion of the resources of China Central Television (CCTV) that are mainly composed of TV programs. It has got full qualification from the competent state authorities to provide such services as internet TV, mobile TV and IP TV. Centering on video services, integrating the high-quality program resources of CCTV and other agencies and relying on the advanced internet technologies, CCTV.com offers live video broadcast, rebroadcast, video on demand, video download, and visual/audio search services. It is now the best and largest provider of audio/visual programs via the internet and mobile phones in the Chinese mainland.

In December 2007, CCTV and IOC signed an agreement on the new media broadcasting right of the Beijing Olympics, making CCTV.com the first official internet and mobile phone broadcaster of the Olympic Games. The agreement gave CCTV.com the exclusive rights for the new media broadcasting of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the Chinese mainland and Macao.

To make full use of its new media broadcasting right of the Beijing Olympics, CCTV.com authorized 8 other websites including Sina and Sohu to co-broadcast the Beijing Olympic Games and gave public promotion of the Games on 174 other websites including people.com.cn and xinhuanet.com during the Games period. CCTV.com became the organizer and coordinator of the first extensive new media broadcasting event in the history of the Olympic Games. On August 8, the Opening Ceremony day, the 9 websites led by CCTV.com had the largest increase in internet traffic among all internet service providers in China. All together, the number of independent visitors to the 9 websites reached 161 million, accounting for 63.63% of the total number of internet users in China.

The success in the new media broadcasting of the Olympic Games clearly demonstrates the great capacities of CCTV.com in the new media industry and the enormous market value of its brand name. CCTV.com has seized this precious opportunity and won the wide acknowledgement of new media users and other operators in this industry. It has become one of the top new media enterprises in China and an important force to promote the rapid development of the new media industry.

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Editor: Shi Taoyang | Source: CCTV.com