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2008 & Beyond: Olympics help boost Chinese brands


Source: | 08-04-2008 14:38

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Going global is the dream of many Chinese entrepreneurs. And many view the Beijing Olympics as a great opportunity to make themselves known to the rest of the world.

AigoPen,which can read the text in eight different languages when you roll the pen over words in a specially-printed book (
AigoPen,which can read the text in eight different 
languages when you roll the pen over words in a 
specially-printed book (

Aigo was the first Chinese brand to go racing with the Formula One McLaren fleet in 2007.

And one year later, the company is still playing the field. Aigo subsidiary Aifly is the official language training service supplier for the Beijing Games.

Liu Ying, a reporter from CCTV said, "What I'm holding is a product that Aigo especially invented for the Beijing Olympics - the AigoPen. When you roll the pen over words in a specially-printed book, the pen can "read" the text in eight different languages. Aigo Pen has been widely used in the English training of Beijing Olympic volunteers. The company hopes its product will also become a helpful tool for Chinese people to learn English."

The talking pen has won praise from the International Olympic Committee. It became the first Chinese high-tech product to be acquired by the IOC's Olympic Museum in Lausanne.