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2008 & Beyond: Beijing´s courtyard and budget hotels


Source: | 07-30-2008 14:09

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Thousands of tourists are beginning to arrive in Beijing for the Olympics. And the city's hotels are poised to benefit from a huge surge in business. Over 100 official Olympic hotels are providing top of the range accommodation, but there are options to suit all budgets and tastes.

This hostel is built in the style of the traditional Beijing courtyard house, with grey-tiled roofs and red wooden window frames. 
This hostel is built in the style of the traditional Beijing 
courtyard house, with grey-tiled roofs and red wooden window

"A large proportion of foreign visitors would like to experience traditional Chinese culture during the Games. Alleyways like this one, or in Chinese, we call them Hutongs, make it easy for foreign guests to have a taste of life in Beijing. There's quite a number of hostels in these lanes. Let me show you what they're like and why they're very popular among visitors."

This hostel is built in the style of the traditional Beijing courtyard house, with grey-tiled roofs and red wooden window frames.

The garden provides a tranquil retreat from the soaring high-rises and busy streets.

Most of the people who stay in this courtyard hostel are young foreign travellers. Some are fascinated by its unique architecture, while others find it a way to connect with local life.

Kathy, one US tourist said "They are friendly and helpful. The first day I walked around the baby streets, I felt I'm in the community. You feel more connected. This is the 4th Games I've been to (U.S. and Athens). Beijing has beautiful flowers. The city is pretty."