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2008 and Beyond: Olympics spark nationwide fitness program


Source: | 07-28-2008 09:07

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

The Beijing Olympics last just two weeks, but the Games are responsible for transformations that will affect China for a long time. In the first of a special series of reports on the changes the Games have brought to China and its people, 2008 and Beyond, CCTV reporter Han Bin finds out it's not just athletes who are working on their fitness.

In part two of our special series, 2008 and Beyond, we'll tell the stories of volunteers for the Olympic Games, and examine how the volunteer concept could change Chinese society.

These people are exercising at a fitness club in downtown Beijing. They're here to lose weight, relax, or keep fit.(
These people are exercising at a fitness club in downtown 
Beijing. They're here to lose weight, relax, or keep fit.

These people are exercising at a fitness club in downtown Beijing. They're here to lose weight, relax, or keep fit.

Tang Mingze began body building five years ago. He now came to the gym four days a week.(
Tang Mingze began body building five years ago. He now 
came to the gym four days a week.(

Tang Mingze began body building five years ago. He now came to the gym four days a week. He spends 4,000 yuan, or some 570 US dollars, a year on membership fees, but he thinks it's worth it.

Tang Mingze, member Nirvana Fitness & SPA, said, "Although I'm exhausted, I feel a sense of pleasure, and more energetic and much refreshed."

With the sports and leisure industry flexing its muscles in recent years, the club has expanded to 8 gyms in the capital, since the first one in 2001.