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City official: Fatal Kunming bus blasts "not terrorism"


Source: | 07-23-2008 14:35

A local official says there has been no evidence to show that two bus explosions in Kunming are linked to terrorist attacks or aimed at next month's Beijing Olympics. The blasts happened during rush hour on Monday morning, leaving two passengers dead and 14 others injured.

A local official says there has been no evidence to show that two bus explosions in Kunming are linked to terrorist attacks or aimed at next month's Beijing Olympics.
A local official says there has been no evidence to show 
that two bus explosions in Kunming are linked to terrorist 
attacks or aimed at next month's Beijing Olympics.

Kunming's vice mayor and public security bureau chief, Du Min, says police still have no leads on any suspects, and they are continuing their investigation. It remains unclear whether many people or only one person was involved.

The public security bureau has announced a reward of 100,000 yuan, about 14,300 US dollars, to anyone that offers clues helpful to the investigation.


Editor:Du Xiaodan