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Iran rejects US nuclear weapons allegations


Source: | 06-06-2008 09:50

Iran and the US have continued their quarrel over nuclear weapons at a meeting in Vienna of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Tehran has rejected US claims that it is trying to build nuclear weapons and says it has nothing to hide.

Iranian technicians remove a container of radioactive material from the Uranium Conversion Facilities in Isfahan, Iran, in 2005.(AFP/File/Behrouz Mehri) 
Iranian technicians remove a container 
of radioactive material from the Uranium 
Conversion Facilities in Isfahan, Iran, 
in 2005.(AFP/File/Behrouz Mehri)

As the four-day meeting wrapped up, the US again accused Iran of playing cat and mouse with international inspectors on its nuclear programme.

Gregory Schulte, US Ambassador to the IAEA, said, "A broad majority of the Board members called for Iran to co-operate with the Agency and to abide by the Security Council resolution. We hope that the leadership in Tehran will listen to this call from the Board of Governors and carry out their obligations to co-operate with this very important agency."

However, Iran repeated Tehran's refusal to bow to American pressure. It also gave member nations on the IAEA board documents to prove its nuclear programme is peaceful.