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Bilateral talks on DPRK nuclear issue held in Beijing


Source: | 05-30-2008 08:33

Chief negotiators from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan have held a series of bilateral consultations in Beijing on the DPRK nuclear issue.

Chief negotiators from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan have held a series of bilateral consultations in Beijing on the DPRK nuclear issue.(Photo:
Chief negotiators from the Democratic People's Republic
of Korea, the United States, the Republic of Korea and
Japan have held a series of bilateral consultations in
Beijing on the DPRK nuclear issue.(Photo:

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang says China hopes the positive interactions will push forward the six-party talks process. During the talks, the US side held separate discussions with the DPRK and Japan. The DPRK and the ROK also held talks.

Top Chinese negotiator Wu Dawei has met with his counterparts from the DPRK, the United States and Japan. He will meet the ROK's chief delegate on Friday. China says these meetings will be conducive to a comprehensive and balanced implementation of the second phase action plan.


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