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Dutch sinologist carries Olympic torch


Source: | 05-12-2008 12:59

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Many foreigners are taking part in the domestic leg of the Beijing Olympic torch relay. CCTV reporter Liu Ying brings us a story of a Dutch torchbearer in this afternoon's Xiamen relay on his devotion to promoting the Chinese language and traditional Chinese culture in the west.

Liu Ying said, This is the Library of the Western Belvedere on the campus of Fuzhou University. Founded in 2001 by renowned Dutch Sinologist, Kristofer Schipper, the library aims to promote Chinese people's understanding of western culture."

Professor Kristofer Schipper has spent 50 years studying and promoting traditional Chinese culture. The 73-year-old Sinologist is a recipient of the Friendship Medal, the top honor granted to foreigners in China.

Sinologist Kristofer Schipper said, "If I have promoted friendship between our country in Europe and China, I'd be very happy. I hope I have, thanks to my publications, my work, my teaching in France, I have been able to make people understand China. I think through understanding, there is the way of friendship."

Professor Schipper has lived in China for more than 20 years, and speaks fluent Chinese. He says he's greatly honored to be one of the Olympic torchbearers in the Xiamen leg of the relay in Fujian province.

Professor Kristofer Schipper said, "One world, one dream. So I'm part of this world, also part of this dream."

Professor Schipper is about to start a major translation project. With support from the Chinese government, Schipper and many other translators will make a new translation of Wujing, or The Five Classics, in 12 different languages.

Professor Kristofer Schipper said, "The main idea about Wujing is about friendship, justice People don't understand the politeness of China. In order to understand Chinese culture, you must understand Wujing."

Professor Schipper sees the undertaking as an historic milestone. He believes it is meaningful way to enhance understanding and friendship between China and the rest of the world.


Editor:Zhang Ning