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Brazilian court bans march for marijuana legalization

Source: Xinhua | 05-01-2008 10:41

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 30 (Xinhua) -- A Brazilian court has banned a controversial demonstration in favor of the legalization of marijuana, local media reported Wednesday.

The so-called "the Global Marijuana March," scheduled for Sunday in 10 Brazilian cities, is banned in Salvador, capital city of Bahia state in northeastern Brazil.

According to the prosecutors, the demonstration is likely to fuel controversy over marijuana smoking, currently forbidden by the Brazilian law.

The global march will also be held in 19 other countries.

Protesters said the court's decision was "absurd," and has violated their freedom of speech in a struggle for a change in legislation.

The demonstration was aimed at promoting public debate and research on the use of marijuana, they said.

The global march has caused security concerns in Brazil.

On April 21, five people were arrested in Rio for handing out leaflets to the public, inviting local citizens to take part.

On Wednesday, Brazilian police seized 4.5 tons of marijuana as well as five rifles and 50 boxes of ammunition in Rio in a truck carrying the drug from Brazil's southern state of Parana.

Lucas de Lima Pereira, the truck driver, planned to deliver the marijuana to members of a drug-trafficking gang that rules several slums in Rio.

The 34-year-old driver had been arrested in the past for transporting marijuana, police said.