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Hill meets Sasae for DPRK talks


Source: | 12-08-2007 15:23

The top US envoy for the six-party talks says he has stressed the need for the DPRK to provide a full disclosure of its nuclear programs.

Christopher Hill made the comments in Japan on Friday, where he is stopping briefly after a 3-day visit to the DPRK and a brief stop in Beijing. Hill met his Japanese counterpart, Kenichiro Sasae, at the Narita International Airport near Tokyo before flying back to Washington.

Hill said he has not entered into negotiations about full disclosure. He said he expects it to be complete and correct, as stipulated by the February 7th agreement.

Before arriving in Japan, Hill was in the DPRK to inspect Pyongyang's nuclear disablement process. He also delivered a letter from US President George W. Bush to DPRK leader Kim Jong-Il.


Editor:Xiong Qu