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China again expresses strong displeasure to Japan on Lee Teng-hui´s visit

Source: | 06-08-2007 10:48

China and Costa Rica have established diplomatic ties. Here in Beijing, the Foreign Ministry says it marks a brand-new stage in the development of bilateral relations.

But, in other news, officals have voiced China's dissatisfaction with Japan for allowing former Taiwan leader Lee Teng-hui to visit the Yasukuni Shrine.

China and Costa Rica have announced they will establish diplomatic ties, after the Latin American country agreed to break official relations with Taiwan. A foreign ministry spokeswoman says the move is in the interests of peoples of both countries. She also stressed the importance of the One-China policy.

Jiang Yu, spokeswoman Chinese Foreign Ministry, said, "China has established diplomatic ties with 169 countries. The One-China policy has been widely accepted worldwide."

Some Central and Latin American nations haven't established diplomatic ties with China. Jiang says China would like to set up and develop normal state relations with these countries, and hopes they will change their stance on the Taiwan issue.

Jiang has also expressed China's strong dissatisfaction with Japan for allowing former Taiwan leader Lee Teng-hui's visit to Tokyo's Yasukuni war shrine.

Jiang said, "We all know what Lee Teng-hui wants judging from what he has done in Japan. China expresses strong dissatisfaction, again, towards Japan giving permission to his visit."

Lee Teng-hui visited the Yasukuni Shrine Thursday, where his elder brother is enshrined with Japanese world war two criminals.


Editor:Du Xiaodan