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Mudslide destroys Geyser Valley in Kamchatka


Source: | 06-05-2007 10:10

A geysir site in Iceland. A powerful landslide Sunday devastated a spectacular geyser valley in Russia's far eastern peninsula of Kamchatka, with experts due to examine the site Monday.(AFP/File/Marcel Mochet)

A massive mudslide has destroyed Eurasia's only geyser valley in the remote Kamchatka peninsular in Russia's Far East. Kamchatka spans roughly 1,000 kilometers, and is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk.

Television footage shows the valley has been flooded with grey melting snow, mud, fallen trees and stones. And with no signs of steam, scientists say the mud could have destroyed existing geysers. They also think the mudslide could have damaged deposits of a rare stone.

Russian experts say mudslides in Kamchatka are a frequent occurrence due to tremors linked to active volcanos in the region.


Editor:Du Xiaodan