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IPCC report warns global warming to increase hunger

Source: | 04-03-2007 10:35

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has started discussing its second report, due out on Friday. The IPCC report shows global warming could lead to hunger and put unreasonable stress on the poorest nations of the world.

Global warming could increase hunger in Africa and melt most Himalayan glaciers in 30 years. This comes from a draft UN report presented at the IPCC meeting in Brussels on Monday. The report also warns the poorest nations are likely to suffer most.

Ulysses Confalonieri, lead author health impact, IPCC report, said, "In the tropics the main issue is food production and also some tropical diseases that may change the distribution and the intensity of the transmission of these diseases."

But global warming will hit rich nations in other ways. The report says in the United States, rising seas and storm surges could severely affect transportation along the Gulf, Atlantic and Northern coasts".

Despite these dire prediction, negotiations on a global treaty to extend the Kyoto Protocol on restricting greenhouse gases after 2012 are stalled.

Stavros Dimas said, "So we expect from the United States to cooperate closer not to continue having a negative attitude in international negotiations. It is absolutely necessary that they move because otherwise other countries, especially the fast developing countries do not have any reason to move."

Scientists and officials from more than 100 countries will begin discussions Monday to review and approve the 21-page summary. Talks in Brussels are likely to last long. But disagreements are expected to be overcome by the end of this week.


Editor:Du Xiaodan