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Candidates nominate for mayor in Taiwan


10-16-2006 17:10

And in Taiwan...Nominations for mayoral elections in Taipei and Kaohsiung formally opened on Sunday. Various political figures are already putting themselves forward, with campaigns now full-steam ahead.

Kuomintang party's Hau Lung-bin, Democratic Progressive Party's Frank Hsieh and independent candidate Li Ao have all nominated themselves for the position of Taipei Mayor.

Li Ao, independent candidate said, “My participation won't divide the pan-blue camp because I myself am an old-pan-blue. I'm battling with Hao Lung-bin and Democratic Progressive Party's Frank Hsieh.”

Frank Hsieh, DPP candidate said, “Li Ao's participation shows Hau Lung-bin's lack of confidence. Li Ao thinks Hau is pan-green.”

Hau used to be the environmental coordinator in the DPP governing Taiwan authorities in 2001. But he doesn't think that's a negative thing.

Hau Lung-bin, KMT candidate said, “I am confidence in winning. The pan-blue will support me.”

Ma Ying-jeou, KMT chairman said, “Li Ao has a wide circle of influence. So this is a threat to us. Hau Lung-bin needs to work hard.”

People First Party Chairman James Soong also has plans to join the mayoral race soon. Analysts say that pan-blue camp's votes will be divided between on Soong, Li and Hau, spelling good news for the DPP candidate.

Meanwhile in Kaohsiung city, the mayor election is shaping up to be a battle between the KMT and the DPP. KMT candidate Huang Jun-ying previously held greater public support than DPP candidate Chen Chu. However, Huang's reputation has diminished since Taiwan's anti-Chen Shuibian demonstrations began.

Ma Ying-jeou said, “Huang Jun-ying's public support dropped. Kaohsiung is a pan-green city. We need to call out the pan-blue people.”

Ma Ying-jeou said that if the KMT looses the elections, then the 2008 Taiwan general elections will most probably give power to the DPP again. He's warning voters not to forget the DPP's allegedly corrupt leadership and to support the pan-blue community.


Editor:Sun Luying